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We all know London is a must visit at least once in a lifetime, if you hadn’t done it yet maybe this is your sign to book that flight. The capital of England is a vibrant city with a rich history, culture and diversity and in my opinion is suitable for all kind of travelers, you will discover that in this travel blog that I’ve wrote about London.

In this travel blog post i will walk you through our trip to London was actually a surprise for my birthday. I find out we are going to visit London at the airport gate in Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport.

We stayed only for the weekend from Friday till Sunday, but I think we had at least enough time to visit the places we always wanted to see and I will tell you more it later in this article.

  • Accommodation

We stayed at The Montcalm Hotel located in the bustling neighborhood of Marylebone, just at a short walk from some of London’s popular attractions and also to public transport stations. 

The room was very spacious with a very big and comfortable bed, a TV, a minibar, complementary tea & coffee, slippers, bathrobe and toiletries items.
A bonus for this hotel is the spa and swimming pool area. Although, a very important thing that we were not aware of was that you can access the jacuzzi and swimming pool for only 30 minutes/day. 
Also, you have to make a reservation with at least some couple of hours before because it’s always busy. If you do the reservation in the morning for that afternoon should be fine.
Another big bonus for this hotel is their rooftop terrace, an amazing luxurious location where you can drink your coffee in the morning and/or a glass of wine in the evening.

We booked via Booking, but there was a nice lady at the reception which told us that sometimes if you book via their website directly the prices are cheaper (next time we will give it a try for sure)

Overall, The Montcalm Hotel was a great choice for us. Is a combination of both luxury and comfortable hotel located in a very good location of the city.

The Montcalm Hotel rooftop terrace by day - London travel blog
The Montcalm Hotel rooftop terrace by night - London travel blog
London travel blog
  •  Places to visit in London

We had only one weekend at our disposal and great weather, so we chose to visit the most popular attractions in London. Our top choices of “Best places to visit in London” were: 

         1.  Tower Bridge

What to do at Tower Bridge ? 
– Well, obviously you will want a selfie or more with the iconic Tower Bridge as your background. For the best insta-classic shot, walk by the Tower of London (also there is a nice shop you can stop by) and follow the path to the river, there you will definitely tell it’s the best place to take your picture because of the crowds. 🙂 
Tower Bridge pic spot -London travel blog

– Right nearby, you will find the Tower of London, another key historical site. We just admired it from the outside, but it’s also possible to go inside for a tour.

Tower of London - London travel blog

       2. Big Ben

Did you know that Big Ben is actually the nickname for the Great Bell of the Great Clock of Westminster ? 

My pleasant surprise was that right when we got out of the underground (we travelled a lot via subway in London – it’s the easiest way ) the Big Ben was visible. Of course there are  a lot of views from where you can spot Big Ben, including the other end of the London Bridge (which by the way is also worth to see ).

     3. The Iconic Red Telephone Booth of London 

Also known as Red Phone Box, they are a symbol of British Culture and they are a very popular attraction for tourists from around the world, also my first thought when I found out that we are travelling to London was ” Ohh, I must go and see those famous red phone cabins”. 

Best spots for you Instagram pictures on The Iconic Red Telephone Booth of London ? I got you, don’t worry:

– Right when you got out of the underground, head it to Victoria Embankment street, that’s a very nice boulevard with some of the famous Red Phone Booths and the best part is that you can have your background with The Eye of London or on the other side with the Big Ben. I will leave you here the location, believe me, it’s worth it!

Big Ben pic spot -London travel blog
Red phonebooth and big ben - London travel blog
Red Phonebooth - London travel blog
Red phonebooth - London travel blog
Red Phonebooth - London travel blog

     4.  Buckingham Palace

Did you even visited London if you haven’t walked by the Buckingham Palace gates ? 

– First of all, if you start from Victoria Embankment street ( the Red phonebooks i told you about earlier) you will take a nice walk along the St. James’s Park and with some luck you will see, like we did, a lot of very cute squirrels. The walk from Victoria Embankment street to the Buckingham Palace is very nice and relaxing, and if the weather is on your side it’s a pleasure to do it.

  • English Breakfast in London 

I personally love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day. So English Breakfast in London !? Say no more, it’s a gourmand’s dream come true!

Nevertheless, during our short trip to London we had breakfast in 2 different locations which I highly recommend to you as well, the food there is DELICIOUS:

  1. Savoy Cafe & Kitchen

It’s a very small, nice and cozy location with delicious food. As I said it’s a small restaurant so I think, to be safe, you should call for a reservation, we just got lucky that we got a table because after we arrived there arrived around 6-8 people who were waiting outside to catch the next available table. (this should also tell you that this place is amazing and with very delicious food

PS: the freshly squeezed orange juice it’s very good! You can also check their Instagram page -> savoycafeandkitchen

Expect to pay around 10-20£ per person.

Buckingham Palace - London travel blog
English Breakfast at Savoy Cafe & Kitchen - London travel blog
English Breakfast at Savoy Cafe & Kitchen -London travel blog

2. All Bar One Moorgate

It’s a nice and modern location much bigger than the previous one, so don’t worry about reservation. We went there only for breakfast, but it’s mostly known as a wine bar. The food is very good and again here you will find the traditional English Breakfast.

Again expect to pay around 10-20£ per person for the morning meal.

English Breakfast at All Bar One Moorgate - London travel blog

I hope you enjoyed this travel blog post and will help you during your next trip to London! 

Please, let me know using the comments section bellow, if this article was useful for you and what are other extra details that I should I add next time. Also you can contact me via the info that I’ve provided on the contact page.

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